Active Women Foundation promote economic status of Women and Girls by empowering them with entrepreneurship skills and unlocking their potential so that they take practical steps in improving their livelihood, this is implemented through Mwanamke Kipato program where entrepreneur women develop their skills in production, innovation and add value to the produced goods hence compete in market.


Adolescent girl at school is the hope and true liberation to an entrepreneur mother struggling at home. Through Binti na Shule Program Active Women Foundation provide sexual and reproductive health education to adolescent school girls, to help them understand more about their body changes and growth so that they avoid temptations which might cause early pregnancies and expel them from school. We believe if this girl attains her goals she will be of help and a comfort to her entrepreneur mother who works hard with small business to keep her child at school.


Entrepreneur women are still marginalized in both social (access to education) and economic sector, Active Women Foundation believes in social justice that we make sure women and girls get equal opportunities to men i.e. participation in decision making, access to the basic necessities and inheritance of land so that they contribute to wellbeing of their children in the households. The increasing prevalence and worsening forms violence against women and children of all sorts, is alarming and calls for immediate actions.